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Requests for information and postdoc/undergraduate lab applications should be submitted to David:


We are NOT currently looking for postdocs at this time.  If you are interested in potential future work with us as a postdoc, please feel free to get in touch.  This web page will be updated when new positions become available.

In general, projects include:

  • Measuring and manipulating neuronal ensemble activity in the hypothalamus and frontal cortex during drug and alcohol seeking as well as during non-drug learning and decision-making
  • Behavioral electrophysiology, optogenetics, chemogenetics, and cellular imaging (single or multiphoton) in behaving rats and mice
  • Analysis of neurophysiological/imaging data, both in house and in collaboration with mathematician/statistician colleagues

When we are looking for postdocs, this is what we look for in a candidate:

  • PhD (neuroscience or a related discipline) and/or MD is required
  • Experience with some of the following is required:
    • Rodent Pavlovian or operant behavior, stereotaxic surgery, neurophysiology, and/or optogenetics/chemogenetics
  • Experience with some of the following is considered a plus:
    • Drug or alcohol self-administration, cellular imaging, or statistical analysis of neural data using Matlab, R, etc., basic electronics/engineering skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential, as are enthusiasm, motivation, and persistence.  Applicants will need to be able to work both independently and collaboratively.  We place strong emphasis on collegiality and teamwork.

Graduate Students:

Graduate applications are through the UMass Amherst Graduate Program in Neuroscience and Behavior.

Please contact David if you would like to discuss whether or not we are currently accepting new students.

Note that, although the lab application document below is primarily for undergraduate students, it’s worth having a look to see what kind of information is useful when applying to work in a lab.

Undergraduate Students:

Please fill out the application form below and email it to David.  Please note that this will be shared with other lab members to assess potential project fit.

Moorman_Lab_Application (save link to download)

After you submit your application, I will check with current lab members to see who is available to take on new students for training.  Unfortunately we are unable to bring in new undergraduates without an established mentor, so positions will be limited.  However, submitting an application will guarantee that it is considered by the current senior members of the lab.